Friday, July 16, 2010

Nation's Best?

Reed's Dairy in Idaho Falls boasts that it serves the "Nation's Best" ice cream. Not sure who voted or how it was chosen, but it is pretty good and is a "must-stop" whenever we visit in the summer.
I have a million pictures of Molly that look just like this. She likes ice cream. On this day she tried out the bubble gum flavor.

Emma likes ice cream, but she's not a fan of the cones. She'll eat down and then pretty much stop.

Is this summer perfection or what? So happy! So covered in chocolate. . .

At the dairy, they also display their baby animals. Molly ran up to me and said "Mama! Mama! Baby Moo Moo!"

Here's Macey, Emma, Chloe, Scarlet and Kevin checking out the baby horses and the goats.

Here's Zach with another baby cow. Zach LOVES LOVES Reed's Dairy.

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