Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Visit To Temple Square

During the holiday break we went to Temple Square with my niece, Chloe. We still had not received our household goods from storage, and so we went without hats and gloves and blankets -- brrrr!!!! When I lived in DC I really struggled with the humid cold winters. I 'remembered' more moderate winters out West where the cold did not seep into you. So it was a cruel discovery that West winters are COLD! Look how cold Macey looks! It was cold. But, it was beautiful, and we had a great parking spot! (Is that a sign that I was back East too long when free parking spots can make the outing?)
We took Molly out to snuggle her and keep her warm. Macey never saw an open stroller that she did not like. The 'tree' behind us was made completely out of lights -- it was beautiful!

We stopped and saw the nativity. The girls enjoyed watching the little program while Molly wondered what in the world we were doing outside!

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Kiersten said...

Looks so cold...but beautiful!