Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweet Nothings, Cunningham Style

The previous owner of the house we hope to get (still waiting on the bank) obviously had a Cricut machine. There are little sayings all over the house, from the formal sitting room to the den to the living room, to the kitchen, to the pantry, to the bedrooms . . .we have not checked the attic yet.

The first time that we looked at the house, we felt so bad for the previous owners. Perhaps the husband lost his job or their mortgage payment was too high and they had to cut their loses? In the living room, above the fireplace, it says "I Could Live Like This Forever" and we felt bad that they had lost their dream and we were trying to jump on a great deal.

But then we found out that they had gotten divorced and he was living with his fiance in Arizona and she was living with her boyfriend in California.

In the bedroom, above where the bed should be, it reads "Always Kiss Me Goodnight". Now, this is a popular saying found in many couples' bedrooms and kids' bedrooms alike.

But, it does not really fit Garry & me. So we've wondered what we should put up in its place.

Perhaps: "You're Taking Over Too Much of the Bed. Scoot Over!"

How 'bout: "Hey, Stop Hogging The Blanket"

Or my personal favorite: "If You Don't Stop Snoring, I Swear I'll Suffocate You With My Pillow"

Any others?


Shelly said...

Matt and I would probably go for your first option - he's such a bed hog!

The GruCru said...


Tina said...

Alicia, you are so REAL! Don't let Utah change you!!!

I noticed all the "wall art" last time I was in Utah also . . . .wish I could show you my nieces "private" blog and some of her new sayings on the walls!!

Kiersten said...

Ha ha!

Stephanie said...

Hilarious! I definitely relate to the last too!

Meg said...

Don't worry I got you covered...just let me know what saying you decide on! The vinyl machine is ready to go :)

Meg said...

PS I'm not sure what Tina meant by "you are so REAL, don't let Utah change you" but I'm thinking it wasn't a compliment to Utah or ME!!