Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Luxury We Deserve

Until we find/move into a house, we are staying at the San Marino Luxury Apartments in South Jordan, Utah. I am not trying to brag by putting in "luxury" -- it is part of the official title. Their slogan: "The luxury YOU deserve". And here's how luxury has been working out for us.

We've been here eight days. First, we live in a first floor apartment that is wheel chair friendly. That means that all the cabinets/storage under the kitchen sink and bathroom sinks is gone to ensure space for wheelchairs. Think about everything you have under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Now go find a new place to store it.

Our kitchen sink is low and not deep. Again, wheel chair friendly. It holds about five dishes.

We had to call maintenance to have the dishwasher fixed as no water was getting in. I thought it was awfully quiet ;)

We had to call maintenance to fix our brand new garbage disposal. They forgot to plug it in before closing up the cabinet.

The light in our laundry room is ultra-powerful and blows the fuse at least once a day. They cannot fix it. It's a "fire code thing". The good news is that I have gotten really good at finding that fuse in the dark!

Our water heater sprung a leak and leaked out all over our entry way.

Our bathroom sprung a leak and leaked all over the bathroom and master closet. The carpet has been pulled up and the flooring in the bathroom is warped around the sink and toilet.

The fan over the kitchen stove was never installed. That's a bummer.

The sad thing is that we are paying more for this "luxury" apartment than we did for our townhome.

Eight days. I'm nervous to see what is going to happen next.


Frankie said...

Nobody deserves that much luxury! :D

The GruCru said...

at least when stuff breaks you don't have to pay for it. I'm praying you a house

LeeAnn said...

Oh the pain of it all! Good things come to those who are patient!

annie valentine said...

And to think it will actually get better. Happy house hunting, we're anxious to see where you land. Hope Gary loves the new job!

Tina said...

It DOES give you great blogging material!!!!

Hope you get out of there soon!

Kiersten said...