Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Search Goes On

In November we put an offer in on a house in South Jordan. We found out about some damage inside the house and lowered our offer. The bank asked for a much higher sum, which we rejected, and then they foreclosed. It will go on the market as bank owned but we do not know how much they will want then.

In December I lost my heart to a house on Lizzi. It had a great living room and a bonus room where I could store toys and toys and toys. The people who had previously been noncommital on the house found out we looked at it and put up some hard money to close the deal fast.

In January we put an offer on a house on Via Esperanza. It means hope in Spanish ;) I tried to not get excited at all about this house but secretly had my fingers crossed. Someone came in and offered to pay CASH for the home, and the realtor chose that offer. Yesterday I tried to take it in stride but today I cried and cried.

Better luck with the next one.


Tina said...

I'm so sorry Alicia, it is heartbreaking to get your heart set on a home, and dream about it, and not get it . . . . YES! better luck next time!

The GruCru said...

who pays cash for a house? That just doesn't seem fair. Your dream home is coming. You wouldn't want ot live on Via Esperanza-you'd always have to spell it for people

Jessica said...

Oh Alicia! What is up with the crazies in Utah? Your dream house does's just waiting to be put on the market!

Kiersten said...

Wow, cash! I didn't know people did that.
Keep your hope, something will come along that will be perfect!