Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shopping, Always Shopping

House Hunt Update: On December 31st we put a bid on a house. We found out about a week later that they were going with another bid (someone was willing to pay cash) and then about four days after that we found out that they were putting our bid through because the cash guy was not returning phone calls. That was January 9th. Since January 9th we have been waiting to see if the bank would accept our offer. There were two mortgages on the home. The second mortgage has signed off and now the first mortgage is considering our offer. And considering. And considering.

We've heard nightmare stories about short sales where the bank takes months and we would like to have a house, and so we have decided to put another offer on a different house in the same neighborhood. But this one has three mortgages (sigh). The good news is that it's cheaper, but 1000 square feet smaller and the fence is not finished and neither is the basement, so it should be cheaper!

This is something I think about nearly every minute of everyday. So I guess it should not surprise me that at night I dream about looking at houses, too! I always wake up frustrated -- can't I dream about something fun! Maybe in a few more weeks.


Nina said...

Not quite the way you dreamed things would go...but you'll be able to look back and laugh...some day! Good luck!

Lisa said...

I think I spent all last night dreaming about our bathroom remodel. It would start off lovely -- I had this beautiful white double-sink vanity on a chocolate-colored wood cabinet and it fit in their perfectly, and then I would remember that the space is less than 3 ft wide and there's no way this would actually fit in there, and I'd get upset and reboot. And then dream the whole thing over again.

Jana said...

Hope everything works out for you.