Sunday, December 6, 2009


In 1996 I did an internship in Washington, D.C. with the Office of Senator Larry E. Craig (of the airport bathroom fame). I stayed in furnished apartments in Alexandria, VA and brought only three bags with me. The rest of my "stuff" was in boxes in my little car at my uncle's house.

When I finished my internship, I picked up my car and wondered what all this "stuff" was. I had lived happily without it for four months; clearly, I did not need it.

Our "stuff" was packed up on November 19th. I thought that during these weeks at the hotel I would not miss it and realize how silly "stuff" was and even feel tempted to not pick it all up.

That is not happening. I miss my "stuff". Truly, I do. I miss my bed. My couch. My kitchen table. I think that the day it all gets delivered to our new house (wherever that might be) I will dance a little jig. I will moan over having to put it all away and Garry might be trying to throw it away before I remember we had it, but it will still be a great day.


Jana said...

It's always fun to rediscover all of your stuff! Have fun unpacking. Have a safe trip to Utah.

Sarah said...

Hey girl. I was out of the loop, but I've now caught up. I just perused your life from September on! Gotta love a blog. Congrats on the FBI and moving. Hope all goes well for you guys! Your girls are adorable! And I totally know what you mean about the jewelry commercials. There is this one where the couple is ice skating and falling into each others arms. I always think, that's so fake, but really I'm pretty sure I'm just jealous of the girl! Oh well.

Tina said...

We'll Miss you :-----)

(those are supposed to be tears! but you've seen mine already;)

Browne Towne said...

I'm really sad to see you guys leave! I've never had kids make me feel so good about myself as Emma and Macey did! Not a week went by that they didn't run up and say "Hi Sister Browne!" and then give me a huge hug! And I loved hearing the occasional loud whisper during sacrament "That's my teacher, Sister Browne!" I told Macey yesterday that she needs to come live with me instead, I guess she doesn't like me as much as I thought because she said "No, I have to go live in my new house!" I'm glad that I'll still be able to read your blog and keep up with you guys, you're so funny and your blog lightens my day! Next time you're primary pianist, I hope you have a better organized chorister...thanks for rollin with my punches!!!

LeeAnn said...

Wishing your family well in Utah. Megan is going to really miss Emma! Lokking forward toreading all about all your new adventures!

Sylvia said...

Do you miss your Pyrex casserole dish? Because I still have it...I'm going to think of you every time I use it to burn dinner. Oh and everytime I hear "...don't be tardy for the party..oh oh..." I can picture you singing along :)
Good luck in Utah but be careful I hear there are a lot of those Mormons around.