Monday, December 7, 2009

Adapting. . .

When Garry started training at his new job eleven weeks ago, everything started changing for the girls. Dad was home on Tuesdays and weekends, and the rest of the time they had just me.

Then in November we moved. Watching things get packed up was hard on Macey. She came home and started crying. She asked me to call the packers and tell them to bring everything back!

We moved into the Holiday Inn with Garry and though they saw their Dad everyday again, we were all in one room. No DVR. No DVD player. Not many toys. Just a promise that we would move to a new home soon.

But apparently it has not been soon enough. Today Emma was brave enough to ask me what she has probably been worrying about for awhile. "Mom," she asked me, "is this our new home?"

Bless her heart. It's a lot to take on when you're just five.


The GruCru said...

poor baby.

LeeAnn said...

What? Only 5 year olds have problems with change? I nust be seriously regressing in my old age!