Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One Last Look Back

Tomorrow we will start looking at houses. Before we start looking toward the future, I thought I'd look back one more time. In the last month at the hotels (9 in total) I'd think about our home to relax before going to sleep. I'd imagine coming home from church, throwing my shoes in the closet, going upstairs to get something to eat -- I'd imagine normalcy.

In this transition, it has been hard to see how much the girls understood about what was happening and why. I think that Macey expects us to go back to Maryland any minute now. Emma, at age 5, seems to understand more. On our last day in Maryland she asked me to drive past the house so she could look at it one more time. How cute is that?


LeeAnn said...

Now on to another chapter in the life of the Cunningham's. Have fun house shopping!

Stephanie said...

House shopping!! Did your real estate agent clear her schedule? Does she have a nice long list of house for you to look at tomorrow? Exciting!!