Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Day of Tears

Ironically, my first night in Washington, D.C. was spent in a Holiday Inn. I was here for my internship, and I had to come early because my parents were heading out for their mission in New Jersey and I was essentially homeless. But the intern apartments in Alexandria were not ready, they were being painted, and so I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Alexandria.

I have come full circle, it seems. Homeless in a Holiday Inn. But this time with a husband, three kids and a minivan.

This morning as we said our morning prayers, I started crying. My girls are in excellent schools, and I feel horrible removing them from the programs and the people they love. I told them that I was so sorry, and they, being so much stronger than I am, said not to worry, Mama, there were schools in Utah.

But I cried when I took Macey to school. I cried when I dropped Emma off at the bus. I cried again when I picked them up. On our way back to Virginia, we blew kisses to our friends in Charles County. When we crossed the Wilson Bridge, we blew kisses to our friends in Washington, D.C., and when we got to Van Dorn, we blew kisses to our friends in Alexandria. I hope you felt them and our love!


LeeAnn said...

Safe travels! Your sweet family will surely be missed!

Stephanie said...

I've shed a few tears too but I'm still trying to repress.