Thursday, December 10, 2009

Louisville, Who Knew?

Today we left West Virginia and headed for Kentucky! Who knew that Kentucky in December is not the lush green I always expected. It's kind of brown. And though it's a "southern state" DANG it was cold today! We stopped for lunch in Louisville. We fed the meter, grabbed the kids, and ran across the street to the restaurant.

Molly, who has not really experienced severe cold, looked at her hands and looked at me as if to say, "what on earth?"

We then took a tour of the Louisville Slugger plant. For all the girls out there, it's a place where they make baseball bats. It was a great tour! We saw a movie, took a picture with the wax version of Babe Ruth, and toured the plant and then got a bat at the end of the tour. Well, you can't beat that with a bat!

(I have wanted to say that all day!)

Then we went to Thomas Edison's house. Ahem. I have a few things to say about "Thomas Edison's House." It was actually a room. That he rented. For a few months. If I had to pay for the experience, I would have been robbed.

Finally we saw Churchill Downs. Am I the only one who expected Churchill Downs to be in the middle of lush horse country, miles away from a Target or any other proof of civilization? NOT SO! It's right off the Interstate. Heavily populated. Down the street from a Hard Rock Cafe. Who knew??

Tonight we're outside of St. Louis. 900 miles down! More adventures to come!


Tina said...


Lincoln's mission was Louisville . . . we've got one of those mini-slugger bats! It's got to be an antique by now ;)

Sylvia said...

I could have saved you at trip To Kentucky and told you that my friend. I think if you are searching for lush and green in December you need to head much further know Utah via Florida.

Nicole said...

Alicia, go to the St. Louis City museum while you are there. The girls will LOVE it!!!

LeeAnn said...

I hope that you will take the time to do the arch in St. Louis too! Now that is "kewel!" Freaky but kewel!