Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Impact Cup 2016!

Molly joined Team Sparta this Spring.  It was a really hard decision and tough week as she tried out for Sparta, Forza and USA.  Molly is a crazy good little soccer player.  We call her Red Card Molly because she has never been afraid to throw around a few elbows as long as she was the one who was able to come out with the ball.  We wanted to make the best decision for her and thought that Coach Steve could help advance her technique and foot skills.

Our first tournament was hosted by Club Surf.  Molly had to play up because they did not have any other teams in her age group.  They did really well, against girls at least two years older, until the semis, where they were soundly beat.

But with the Impact Cup we played against players our own age, and Molly's team did really well and won every single game.  Molly also had two goals!

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