Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Maryland Reunion 2016!

Last year while Garry & I were at Seven Peaks with the kids in Provo, we ran into the Zortmans, friends we knew in the White Plains ward in Maryland.  On the way home, I sat there in the van and thought about how fun it was to see them there and thought, "Wouldn't it be fun if we ran into them and all of our friends from Maryland on purpose?"

So I had the idea to plan a reunion and reached out to some friends to gauge their interest level.  And it turned out that everyone wanted to get together and friends from far away -- China, Saudi Arabia, Africa, etc., -- were going to be here in July and could also come!

Garry and I started looking at parks.  We wanted enough activities for the kids to be happy so the adults could sit and talk and eat and talk and eat.  We finally settled on Riverton because it has many great facilities, was close to the Interstate, and had shade -- kind of a rare thing in this part of the valley.

What a great night!  In Maryland we needed each other.  No one really had family that close by, and we needed the support of a ward family.  And what a wonderful family we found! Love them.

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