Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fourth of July 2016!

Every year Garry and I go back and forth about, well, the Fourth.  Should we stay home?  Should we hit the road?  If we hit the road, where should we go?

This year Emma was in Texas and Macey was in Florida, and so we decided to stay here.  We went to a nearby community for a pancake breakfast.  The kids also participated in kid races.  Braden won 50 cents.

We went to Seven Peaks and then hit the BYU creamery.

Garry made some yummy barbeque chicken and then we watched fireworks in West Jordan.  We had a perfect spot near Redwood Road.  The fireworks were right in front of us!  So close that ashes rained down on us.  It was AMAZING.

Great day!

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