Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Week of Emma!!

This year Emma attended Sunshine Generation once a week. They learned songs and dances and would have a show every few weeks. The end of the season ended with a bang and it was "The Week of Emma"!!

She sang at a Friends and Family show.
They later performed the same show at the Country Fair.

She was able to be in a parade. That's her on the far left in the sunglasses.

She also volunteered to sing a solo and was able to do a solo performance twice.

I say it all the time, but my kid was honestly the best one up there. She actually learns the songs and the dances and she enjoys performing. I was a little disappointed with the Sunshine Gneration program here in South Jordan. The other kids do not seem to sing or learn the words, and so they are dancing and basically lip sinking. It's frustrating.

Emma loves to sing, she loves to dance, and she loves, loves to be on stage. So we are thinking about taking her out of Sunshine Generation and just putting her into Community Theater.

3 comments: said...

stage mom :)

Kiersten said...

go Emma!

Grammy said...

Yes, she did learn the songs and dance, and if I do say so myself, she absolutely was the best one there - that's probably why the director was asking all the other kids if Emma was the only one that knew the words....and yes, she was...that's my girl...and not to mention she was the fastest runner in all the kindergarten classes - GOOOOOOO EMMA!!