Sunday, July 10, 2011

Am I A Trophy Wife Yet?

My good friend Tara has a blog where she outlines how she does amazing things around her home -- like remodeling her entire kitchen for $5.00 using only a gum wrapper and a pair of tweezers. Feeling inspired by her downright craftiness, I decided to tackle my porch.
My porch was sad and lonely and clearly said that someone uncrafty lives within.
I started by finding this little storage bench at Deseret Industries. Sadly, I spent more than $5. But I thought it was cute.

I spray painted it black and I found flowers at WalMart (I know! WalMart?!?!) and a cute little container that says "Welcome". I also spray painted the star black. And I cleaned the door for good measure.

Here's my after photo. And here's my complaint -- the black really shows the dirt and dust that land on everything around here. But, I think it's an improvement. So, Tara, am I a trophy wife yet?


Sylvia said...

Haha...I may not be Tara but I can bequeath you a Trophy Wife. Great job Alicia.

Tina said...

Looks good Alicia!

Grammy said...

I think it looks very nice! said...

It looks awesome! I love spray paint and you are so a trophy wife (and a lawyer)!