Tuesday, July 5, 2011

She Did It!

While Garry's Dad and Stepmom were in town visiting, we took an afternoon and went up to Park City.

After hitting the outlets and Garry's favorite Mexican restaurant in Heber (Heber? Go figure. . .) we went to the Alpine slide.

Braden, Molly and I stayed at the bottom on the mountain and paid way too much for a hot chocolate and a candy bar. But Emma went with her Dad and Macey agreed to go with her Grandpa.

Macey is scared of most things, even normal slides have her a little worried, so I was very proud of her for tackling this and then asking to go again!


trophyw.blogspot.com said...

Way to be brave

Tina said...

You are always good for a good cup of hot chocolate!!! You were in heaven I bet . . .