Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Few Words. . .

A few words but a lot of pictures of Braden. Oh, I love this boy. He's growing so fast that I have started worrying a little bit and trying to get pictures of him and each outfit so I can remember when he was small. Because with kids, time is funny. Days last forever but years go by so fast. He got the above stylin' outfit from his Aunt Rachelle. The onesie is designed to look like a tie.

Garry got him this when we were in Park City. So cute.

Garry's boss got him this little outfit he wears often to church. Okay, let's be honest, Garry's bosses wife. . .I used to be her visiting teacher.

Mr. no neck. Braden is a calm baby. Just a mellow fellow. He is not anxious to do things like roll over or sit up. He's taking it all in.

A polo onesie from Grammy. So cute in blue, of course!

Another outfit from Grammy. He's stretching. . .not threatening to punch out the camera if the flash goes off one more time.

My dear friend Shauna got him this. I love it. It says Dirt Magnet. It reminds me of my Dad ;)

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Grammy said...

He is handsome no matter what he wears - but I am partial to the khaki Baby Gap outfit!!! Super cute!