Thursday, July 28, 2011

Have Fun!

Growing up, Saturdays were busy work days. My parents worked very long hours during the week. My Mom would leave the house a little after 7 and not be home until 5. My Dad would be gone even earlier and come home even later. So Saturdays were a day to get things done.

Living in suburbia, I had started thinking the same way. It's Saturday. We have stuff to do. There is always a room that could be painted and, oh, laundry. Always laundry. And we have an area of the front yard that desperately wants some mulch, some plants. . .anything other than dirt.

But Garry feels very strongly that Saturdays should be fun. At first I thought that this was his way of getting out of the work that really needed to get done around the house, but he said that he wants the kids to have fun family memories.

So I think that we have struck a compromise between working hard in the morning and playing in the afternoon. On one of our 'fun' Saturdays, we took the girls golfing and then out for sno cones. I enjoy mini golf because it is one of the few sports I can beat Garry at.


Kiersten said...

I like Garry's thinking and the compromise you came up with.

LeeAnn said...

Garry is a smart man! Have lots of fun together!!