Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How Do You Blog A Little Thing Like Christmas?

Getting ready to see if Santa came!
How do you blog a little thing like Christmas? Okay, I knew I "over-did" it when three days after Christmas there were still some toys that the girls had not opened. But before the mass unwrapping, it all looked pretty under the tree! Christmas Eve we got together with my sister and her family and had an excellent dinner of crab legs, cheesy bread, jell-o salad, green bean casserole, sparkling apple juice, warm cheese dip. . .ah, it was heaven! The kids played and then we read Luke 2 together. The girls opened their presents from their cousins and we headed home where Garry read The Night Before Christmas, we made cookies, and I watched an episode of The Christmas Story.

Santa decided that the girls had been very good this transient year. Santa left them a Jeep, some bikes, Macey got her Tinkerbell teddy bear, Emma got some roller skates, and the girls got some new sleds.
My sister has kids age 7-15. Christmas is not as "fun" without little, little ones and so they asked if we could upwrap gifts together. We got together around 7 am for the glorious chaos that is Christmas morning. My favorite memory of the whole morning was when Emma & Macey unwrapped the Rapunzel tower from my parents. They had wanted it for quite awhile, but I told them that it was too expensive. When their cousins helped them unwrap it and they realized what it was, they hugged each other and started dancing around. Too cute. There was a whole lot of Christmas Joy going around.

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Tiffany said...

What did Emma think of the Doll Vanity, or is that what the tower is? I remember you saying that you were at Target and pretended to get it for your sister.