Monday, January 17, 2011

A Re-do

New Years Day is my day to get organized. A fresh start, a more organized me. But this year I started off in the kids playroom. Holy chaos, it was pretty bad. I knew that it was bad when I told Emma to clean up the room before Grandma and Grandpa came, and she came upstairs a few minutes later and told me that things were better -- she had 'cleared a path' for Grandma and Grandpa. How messy was it that a 'path' could be cleared? Pretty darn messy.

While I was creating order in the chaos, I started coughing. And coughing. And coughing. By the end of the day, I was really sick. I found out a few days later that I had the flu and since I was pregnant and my immune system was down, I would have parts of it, especially the cough, for a long time.

Wow, I was sick. And, I never got as organized as I wanted, and so I used today as a redo! I tackled the cabinet which is fondly known as "The Black Hole." Things go in there. . .and they do not come back out.

I found great stuff! I found a check for $10. A gift card for $25. Emma's CD for Sunshine Generation. It was a really profitable afternoon!


The GruCru said...

you're lucky all that coughing didn't put you in labor. Glad you're feeling better

Stephanie said...

It's like when you put on your jacket for the first time since last winter. It's always fun to see what's in the pockets.