Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And The Winner Is. . .

Last week for Show-And-Tell, Macey was supposed to bring her favorite toy that she got for Christmas. She chose the doll that she got from her Pawpaw Cunningham.

But that was not all. . .Macey thought that she was supposed to bring her favorite toy AND her favorite gift from Christmas. So late Thursday morning I caught her trying to cram two toys into her little backpack.

I told her, no, just your favorite toy FROM Christmas. Not your favorite toy AND your favorite from Christmas.

But, she knew what her teacher told her and would not listen to her old mom.

But when I picked her up from school, I asked her how many things the other kids had brought. Okay, so it's beyond petty that I had to prove to my four year old that I WAS RIGHT, but still . .

I talked to my sister about it today, and she said that I did the right thing. I need to prove to Macey that there are times when I am really right. And that there are some stupid mothers out there, but I am not one of them (my sister's words, not mine).

It's a lost battle, no one really realizes how much their parents know until it's too late, and I am wondering how often I should engage in this particular battle?


The GruCru said...

My kid's do not believe that I am the authority on ANYTHING! I'm not sure if it hurts my feelings more or makes me scared for the choices they might make. It also doesn't seem to help the more times I am right and I point it out. They'll believe anything some random kid in their class says-no mater how outrageous. I think it may be more what is being said then who's saying it. Mom's say lots of very unfun things.

Tina said...

I'd choose my battles wisely . . . let the ones go that don't really matter . . . . you may win a small battle but the war is ahead!