Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where's The Remote? Where's The Remote?

My latest guilty pleasure is a show called "Haunted". Surprisingly, it is about haunted houses, and, truly surprising, it is on the Animal Planet channel. Not sure why, but it is.

I like it because it is creepy but not terrifying. I like creepy. I do not like scary. I do not like terrifying So, it works.

The other night the girls came into my room and asked if they could fall asleep watching tv with me. Since Emma is not in school, I said fine. But I warned them that I was watching a big-kid show and if it got too scary then they needed to tell me or go to their room.

Macey quickly fell asleep and I assumed that Emma was, as well, before I drifted off myself. This particular show was regarding a house built on top of sacred Indian ground. The house was known to be haunted and occupants only lasted about 18 months. The owners would hear scary noises and voices telling them to leave and their animals, well, the animals. . .

I quickly woke up when I heard Emma's scared little voice saying, "Mama, two animals have died. What is happening?"

Argh! Poor Emma! Where's the remote? Where's the remote?

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