Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen and Emma was in the family room, playing with some toys. I had the news on as that part of the day is the time I can turn off Dora and Diego and actually find out what is happening in the world.

After a few news stories, they did a special on childhood obesity. They talked about how some Mom's give their kids fast food at least once a week (guilty!) and then cut to one 'expert' who said that the government needed to get involved.

As an example, they talked about how San Francisco has banned Happy Meals or any other unhealthy "toy" meals for kids.

I did not realize that Emma was listening until I heard this abrupt GASP! from the family room.

I guess we won't be heading out to San Francisco anytime soon. . .


The GruCru said...

and here I was feeling like a good mom only giving them Happy Meals once a week. In my defense, they all go for the apple dippers.

LeeAnn said...

Sometimes I wonders if there really is a chilhood obesity crisis or if this is just somebodies soap box. Moderation. It's a good word to live by.