Friday, November 12, 2010

Did I Do THAT?

Yesterday was a crazy day. I woke up and found out that a work product was due in a few hours for a client that I did a small research project for. I had to finish the research, get ahold of a printer and presentation folder, clean the house for the visiting teachers, and, oh ya, Macey had Show and Tell at school.

It was the letter "K". She had to bring something that started with the letter K. I was desperate and quickly found the movie King Kong for her to take. I told her that it was about a bad monkey. And hey, two K's. Extra credit, right?

It was not until after Garry dropped her off at preschool that I got really worried. Holy hannah, did I just send my daughter to Show and Tell with a Rated R movie? In Maryland, it would have been fine. Not so fine in Utah.

When she got home, I quickly checked her backpack and looked at the movie. Phew! Rated PG-13. Still not the best, but it could have been worse!