Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another One Bites The (Fairy) Dust

Emma lost another tooth!

Thank goodness she has lost both while Garry has been in town because looking at wiggly, wobbly teeth makes me a little sick. Ugh.

She woke up to a silver dollar the next morning. At first she thought it was a quarter, and she was a good sport about the price going down, but Garry explained to her that it was actually a whole dollar!


Jana said...

She is ahead of Billy. He hasn't lost any teeth yet. He said one was wiggly, but it wasn't. :)

The GruCru said...

Eddie came home very proudly w/ a wiggely tooth yesterday.

Kiersten said...

Cute picture! Congrats to Emma :) Anna is so jealous, hasn't lost any yet!