Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seventeen Again. . .And Still

Emma's teacher sent home a little sheet several weeks ago so that we can keep track of her reading. I am supposed to read to her 20 minutes a day. Sometimes we do well, sometimes we fall behind.

But, I decided awhile ago that the 20 minutes would go faster if I enjoyed the book, too, and so I started reading to her one of the first Nancy Drew mysteries: The Mystery of the Old Clock. This is truly an early, early Nancy Drew. There's no Ned, no Bess, no George. Just Nancy and her sleuthing.

And, oh! to be Nancy Drew for awhile! She has a housekeeper, Hannah, a doting father, a fast car, money to go out and buy dresses whenever she would like.

And she never ages! I do not think that I would like to be stuck at 17. But I would like to be stuck at an age where I had a housekeeper. And a fast car (sorry Odyssey!). And money for clothes. Stick me right there and leave me there for 80 years!


LeeAnn said...

Yeah, that Nancy is so lucky!

Tina said...

Do your girls ask you to define some of the words???

I had McKay read an old Hardy Boys book, and he was constantly asking me what words meant! . . . . language sure has changed through the years!

Cunningham Blog said...

Hey Tina! I read aloud and so I change the words to make them more friendly. Like when she writes "Roadster" I say "car". It helps.