Friday, October 8, 2010

Evil Santa

I am a little concerned about this Christmas, and it's not even Halloween yet.

My children have decided, just like the little boy on The Christmas Story, that Santa Claus can be the way to get exactly what they want, no matter what Mom says.

For example, last week Emma told me that she was going to ask Santa for a trampoline. There's no way that a trampoline is in our Christmas budget, and I told her that I did not think that was going to happen, but she quickly told me, "Oh, don't worry, Mama, I'll just ask Santa. . ."

And then there's Macey. Through commercials she has discovered those Squinkies toys. They are tiny and would not survive a single vacuum pass of their room. I told Macey that they were too small and we were not getting them, and she said, "I'll just ask Santa."

I think I should explain to the girls about the Mommy Veto.


Michelle - aka Belle said...

At our house, if you whine about it or ask more than a few times there is a chance that you will be classified as being "naughty" and you know what Santa thinks about naughty children.

Tina said...

Hey, you could use that trampoline as leverage . . . . just one big present for the whole family! Christmas would be a cinch!

A trampoline was our best purchase ever! We bought it before our first one was even a toddler, and it has been the most used, most beloved item. And only one broken bone (which was a re-break from another incident) so I hardly count it!

Kiersten said...

Oh yeah, they have to learn about the veto power of parents. My kids can put three things on their list and then they know that we talk to Santa and let him know which one is best.

I do agree with Tina though, trampolines are great. We've always had one. And the family gift is a good idea too, we did that the year we got the Wii.