Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In The Valley. . .

In Maryland we were spoiled by living on top of a huge hill. We never had any water issues except when the drain next to the community parking lot would get clogged, overflow, and we'd lose a parking space for a day or two.

Here in the valley. . .I have water issues. Due to an ill-placed gutter and a front yard that was sloped incorrectly, everything from the front yard drains into one window well. When we moved in, it had flooded. And it flooded the next day as well. Our neighbors lent us a pump that I can put in the window well and pump out the water. But, this means that we have to be home during every rain storm, which is not going to be practical forever.

Another problem is snow! We had our first snow fall yesterday and I had to pump out the window well five times in the morning due to everything melting into that window well.

I know from the fact that there is an orange-bucket device in that window well that they had a pump in there before. They took the pump but left the bucket device. I am guessing that when they tried to sell the house (before it turned into a short sale) that they removed the pump so prospective buyers would not be immediately aware of the water issues.

We need to put in another sump pump down in there, but we do not have a dedicated power source near that particular window well. We'll have to have an electrician come out and create one or just deal with an ugly cord for awhile, because I cannot spend many more nights, half awake, listening for the rain.

If anyone has any advice or experiences, please share!

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