Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little Conversations

I like to talk to Molly first thing in the morning because then I can discover what she has been thinking about all night, maybe even dreaming about. For a girl who is not yet two, she has a really good vocabulary and can generally express most of what she wants or most of what she wants to tell you.

This morning she told me about "the baby" (her name for Cousin Cameron who is her size) who has a swing. "Mama, baby swing. Baby swing."

Last Sunday Garry and I went downtown to watch conference and my in-laws were nice enough to watch all three girls. I guess they spent a lot of time on Cameron's swing, with Macey pushing and pushing a happy Molly.

Two days later, she's still thinking about it, still talking about it, which I think is amazing for a 22 month old. She has a little slide, but I guess it's just not good enough. Come on big tax return, baby wants a new swing!

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Meg said...

Oh how cute is that! She is welcome over here anytime to swing until her heart is content :)