Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saving the World. . .One Trip to the Beach at a Time

This year the Utah PTA had a state-side program that celebrates the arts. Students are encouraged to do a project (art, music, photography -- lots of options) around the theme "Together We Can. . ."

Emma is a great little artist. We are always amazed by what she draws and what she comes up with. So I bought her some markers and some paper and explained the theme. I said, "Emma, you have to finish the thought 'Together We Can. . .' and then draw a picture about it."

Wanting her to do her own work, I walked away and let her loose. I checked in later to find out that her theme was. . .(drumroll please!)

Together We Can Go To The Beach.

She drew a picture of our family at the beach.

Haha! I know it won't win any prizes but I had to laugh as I filled out the application, included the title and "inspiration" and under materials (watercolor? oil on canvas?) I got to write 'Crayola Marker'.

Go Emma!


Stephanie said...

That's awesome! Did you take a picture of the drawing? If so, share.

Jana said...

Sounds good to me!