Friday, August 6, 2010

So I Was Thinking. . .

Though you cannot tell from the size of my thighs, I have been spending some consistent time at the gym. It's hard because Molly does not really like Kids Club. And Macey seems a little lost there without Emma who started school this week. But still, off we go!!

While there, I spend a lot of time listening to the music that blares over the loudspeakers and watching the music videos that are playing in front of me. And here are my thoughts.

Miley: Oh, Miley. I think you're a fine girl, but I am worried that my daughters might start looking up to you as they get older and would like you to add a few feet to your shorts. Especially the ones you wear in Party In The USA. Love the song! Hate the shorts.

Taylor: If I did not like Taylor Swift before, I do now after watching her video The Best Day about her Mom. The video includes original footage with her and her Mom. I was on the Stairmaster this morning, crying like a baby. Hopefully people thought I was just crying through the pain of my work-out. It would be nice if some people out there thought that I was that hardcore.

Beyonce: Holy Cow! I love the song "To The Left". But wow, I wish that her lipsinking in the video matched up with the actual song.

Fastball: So I'm not really careful with lyrics sometimes. Take, for example.,Fastball's "The Way". I always thought that it was the story of broken dreams from people who try to immigrate into the U.S. But now I've seen the video and read all the words and now I know it's just a stupid song. They should have let me write it. I could have made it into something meaningful. Oh, well, their loss.

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