Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Catching Breaks

Since we've moved into the house there have been the usual growing pains. Flooding basement, broken freezer, leaking ceiling, broken sprinklers, broken water heater, old brakes, flat tire. . . It has been a little overwhelming.

Yesterday I drove down the road and encountered an area where there had been a bad accident that had not been cleaned up yet by the city. By the time I got home I had a flat tire. I was in a little bit of a panic when I heard the ssssspppppfffffff of escaping air -- I have to admit my first thought was to run for the duct tape! (Which is why I do not work on cars!)

I told Garry about the tire that was flattening as we spoke and he said, "We just can't catch a break." I admit, it would be nice to have things not break for a season, but we have caught lots of breaks.

Les Schwab patched my tire. FOR FREE. And the plumber just advised us to watch the leak and it has not happened since (it was a problem with too much water on the floor in the bathroom upstairs) and he did not charge us. His visit was FREE. And the Samsung guy told us what to do about the freezer. And that was FREE.

So, it would be nice if things would stop going ka-put but for now I think we're catching lots of great breaks.

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Erin said...

those aren't normal growing pains! i'm so sorry you're having to deal with those things. but i'm glad you're able to catch some of these breaks. it's so nice when you find good service people like that. i bet they just won some longer-term loyalty from you when things happen that -will- cost money! :-)