Saturday, August 7, 2010


On August 3rd Emma started Kindergarten at Eastlake Elementary School! Her teacher is Mrs. Rowberry. It's a half-day program, and she goes year-round, so she gets a three week break in just a few days! Oh, she was so excited! She woke me up on Tuesday at 4:30 am to ask me if it was time to get ready for school. Um, no, go back to bed, PLEASE! On Wednesday she woke me up at 6:30 am to remind me that she got to go back to school again and, oh, was it time yet?
Here she is, getting on the bus with her friend Sophia! There are a lot of kids at this bus stop and they have a little tradition of putting their backpacks in line so that they can go and play with their friends but save their place in line. The kids take this very seriously! Poor Emma ended up in the back of the line a few times this week even though we were one of the first people there -- she needs to learn the backpack system!


Erin said...

adorable!!!! i love that she got you up at 4:30 am. your daughters are so beautiful.

Stephanie said...

So cute!!!