Sunday, August 29, 2010

High Hopes, I've Got, High Hopes

I love the new NFL commercial entitled "Back To Football". They've teamed up with Harry Connick Jr., another one of my faves, to produce a commercial where everyone has high hopes because everyone is undefeated. . . .so far. That will change in two weeks, but for now, I've got HIGH Hopes. Go Redskins!

This song also reminds me of life in general. The more old classmates I find on Facebook, the more I realize that something happened on the way to the dream of 2.5 kids, a 2 car garage and a white picket fence for many of my friends. A few years ago (it was just a few, right?) we had HIGH HOPES. I wish that life had not gotten in the way of so many of their dreams. . .

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Jennifer Griffith said...

I love Harry Connick Jr too. Does he sing High Hopes in the commercial? I'll have to look it up on youtube or something. It's weird about "life getting in the way of" the dreams. Good point. Well said. And kind of sad too.