Thursday, May 20, 2010

What I Did Right / What I Did Wrong

Yesterday the bank came back with a price. Woohoo! The only hiccup is that there were two mortgages on Esperanza and we need to find a way to pay the second mortgage $10,000. But we have a price, and we've already started moving/cleaning and hope to work out the rest of the details in the next 40 days before closing.

I've been thinking about what we did right and what we did wrong. On the wrong side, we looked at short sales even though we were warned to stay away from them. They take forever and the bank has no reason to work with you or negotiate with you. If they cannot makes things work with you, someone else will be right behind you.

Though we were warned not to, we got attached to the house. We wanted THIS house. There were other houses that were nice, but we compared them always to Esperanza and they fell short. We should have been a little less emotional.

On the wrong side, we moved into the apartment. I wanted someplace that was month-to-month and someone would be on hand, nearby, to make repairs. And since Esperanza was only going to take 2 weeks, it was temporary. I could make it a few weeks (not knowing that it would be months!) I compared it to a really nice Residence Inn. I should have found someplace that I liked, no matter what, no matter how long. The apartment was hard on so many levels, and I regret it.

What we did right? Well, we fasted and prayed and got Esperanza. The house we wanted in the neighborhood we wanted with the school we wanted in the location we wanted. Phew ;)


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The GruCru said...

in the end, if you got what you want, then you did everything right.

Kiersten said...

so glad it finally came through :)