Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking For A Reason To Celebrate

On my fridge is a cursed bottle of Martinelli's -- Sparkling Apple Cranberry. We have been saving it for too long. . .I should probably throw it away since it is old and probably bad.

But, here's the story. We were going to open it when we had something to celebrate. Like getting a new job. But, Garry liked his old job, and it was really hard for him to leave and quit. Not exactly the time to celebrate.

Or when we sold the house! Well, we actually sold at a loss. Not a huge, crippling one, but a loss nonetheless. And so we did not really celebrate.

Or when we bought a new house! Ugh. After four and a half months, we are still waiting on a price. After the BPO was filed, we were supposed to hear something back from the bank in a week or less. Trusting that, having keys and permission to rent, we gave notice to our apartment. That was weeks ago. We have to be out around the 24th. We're just not quite sure where we are going.

We are blessed in so many ways. We are together, Garry has a good job, we are healthy, we are surrounded with blessings that is clear from the giggles of my little girls. But, I have to admit, I am literally crippled with the stress of waiting to hear anything back on this house. It fills my mind and blocks out most other thoughts. Ten months seems like a long time to go without anything to celebrate. I really hope our luck turns soon.


Michelle - aka Belle said...

Celebrate the fact that you are all healthy and mostly happy. Of course, when you drink that Martinelli's you might not be that healthy. Celebrate anyway!

Jessica said...

I hope you find something to celebrate soon too! Hugs.