Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's Go To The Zoo!

We bought season passes to the Hogle Zoo! We checked it out on Saturday. . .along with half of the population of Salt Lake City. The line to get in was about 40 minutes.
We took more pictures of the girls with fake animals than real ones, but here are some real ones!

Um, Macey, I don't think you really want to go in there. . .

Our big monkeys.

Molly conquers the fake catepillar!

The stupidest sign ever. I guess an actual picture would be inappropriate.


Tina said...

Good Ole Hogle Zoo!

Erin said...

I agree--seriously, if you're giving your baby a bottle, why would you go somewhere else? Frankly, the only reason I went into a room to nurse is if it meant my daughter wouldn't get distracted. I have no qualms about whipping it out in public (moderately covered, of course). lol

LeeAnn said...

Ahhh, such fond memories of the Hogle Zoo. What fun!