Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Tomorrow is supposed to be the day when we hear a price from the bank. If you have any extra prayers laying around, please send them on up as we could really use them.

They've never delivered on a deadline before, and so our hopes are low but our anxiety is high. Our beautiful backup, the Overlook home, has come through the bank process. We were third in line for that home but because the short sale took so long, the others dropped out. Now we're in first place and the home could be ours if we want it! Now that the process is done, other offers will come in on Overlook. So we need to decide to give up on Esperanza and go with our back up or lose the back up and wait and wait and wait on Esperanza.

The Overlook home is beautiful, but we do not like the neighborhood as much and it is 1000 square feet smaller. But hey, it's a HOUSE. We're not sure what to do.

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Tina said...

WoW! when it rains it pours doesn't it? Tough choice!!!

You could say it is 1,000 square feet less to clean!!! and believe it or not, one day those kiddies of yours will decide to leave you, sooner than you think!!!