Friday, May 14, 2010

How Does Wednesday Work For You?

Yesterday we did indeed hear from the bank. Just a little background. About 17 months ago the owners of Esperanza applied for a Short Sale. In order to apply, they had to prove to the bank that they could no longer afford their payments. The owners then separated and moved to separate states.

If you remember, a few months ago the bank said that they wanted to look at the owner's financial situation to see if things had improved and the owner could now afford the payments. He had to basically reapply. And we had to wait.

But this week, THIS WEEK, we were supposed to get an answer. And the answer that they came back with was that they do not believe he is paying what he says he is paying in alimony and child support. They asked for proof.

Well, we're bummed. Again, I hate the Bank of America with a strong, strong hate. We were supposed to move today.

The bank said that they will give us a price on Wednesday, provided that the evidence is provided.

We could really use all available prayers that things will be resolved on Wednesday!


Stephanie said...

Stupid Bank of America!!!

LeeAnn said...

One would think that the bank would want to sell to someone who will actually make the payments.