Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cousin Campout

The best part of Grandpa Camp is the Cousin Campout!  This year there were not very many cousins, and so we stuffed them all in one tent.  Five kids.  Three man tent.  Luckily my niece Dannah was crazy well prepared and even brought out a movie on her laptop to settle the kids down and get ready for a good night snooze!

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cemarcano said...

So I have to say that my kids came over while I was getting caught up on your blog and wanted to know who these kids are. I told them. Lily asked if we've ever been to your house. I said, no. She said, "Why not? when are we going to visit?" I guess my kids think that your kids would be fun to get together with. So the next time we're in Utah... I'll have to let you know. =) I think a visit is long over due, don't you?