Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mo Mo Takes On The Soccer Field!

When Molly was one, we went to my sister's house, and she went into the backyard to play with her sisters and cousins.  My sister has a small soccer field in her backyard and a million soccer balls, waiting to be kicked.  I watched Molly dribble a soccer ball down the field.  Holy Cow.  Even at one, she had pretty good ball control.  I have been waiting two years to put Molly into soccer.

This last Saturday was her first soccer game.  She did great!  She played when her coach (her uncle) told her to come out and play, she fought for the ball, and with the help of her little teammate, she scored a goal!  Yea Molly!

I was proud of her for not giving up.  She kept playing, she kept fighting to get the ball and to get a goal.  At the end of the game, she was one of two players that still wanted to play.  Everyone else was done.  She was a little agressive and was told to stop pushing and elbowing, but Garry is excited that she is aggressive.  It's easier to tell an aggressive kid to dial it back a notch that to teach another kid to be aggressive and competitive.

I am so excited to watch her as she progresses in this sport.  I think that she will be fabulous!

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LeeAnn said...

What a cutie! Love the "shorts"