Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Crisis Seven Years In The Making

I've been going around and around for the last seven years on the following thought pattern:

"I cannot buy those pants. I'm pregnant. Soon I will not be able to wear them."

"I cannot buy those maternity pants. I'm having the baby soon. I will not need them in awhile. It will be a waste of money."

"I cannot buy those pants now. I still have not lost the baby weight. Hopefully they will not fit in a few months."

And around and around I have gone.

Until this year I woke up and realized that I do not have any pants that work. It was a stress every morning to put an outfit together that worked: something that was comfortable enough to let me work around the house but not so shabby that I would be embarrassed if someone came to the door.

After wearing the same shorts for three days in a row, I broke down today and went to Old Navy and was overjoyed to discover that the pants I liked 8 years ago are back in fashion. No more ridiculously low waists. No more tight, tight thighs. Hooray! Well worth the wait.

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