Monday, April 2, 2012

Braden Is One!

I had such mixed feelings as my little boy turned one. I am excited for him to get a little more independence and learn how to walk (he is up to about three steps at a time now ;) and understand what his toys are for. And, let's be honest, if he could learn to love the television, that would be awesome as well.

But, I am so bummed that he's not a baby! He does not especially want to be cuddled and his clothes are just so huge! It is really hard for me to clear out the small sizes. Though he is now wearing 18 mo. clothes, his drawers are still full of 6 mo or maybe even a 3 mo outfit because I just cannot let them go right now. Yes, I know, TLC's Hoarders, here I come. He's just getting too big too fast!

We started Braden's birthday with cinnamon rolls. Then his sisters had a playmate and we went to school to pick up Emma so we could go to Barnes and Noble and get a hot chocolate, a cookie and to pick out a book. Then we had pizza and Braden got his own chocolate cake.

Every first birthday I have made my kids their own chocolate cake. They all seemed at such a loss of what to do with it. Braden knew exactly what to do with that cake -- insert hand into cake, insert hand into mouth. He's got mad skills.


Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

Feeling your pain-my baby's 7

Stephanie said...

What a cutie!!! Though I have to say I was so excited to get rid of loads and loads of clothes.