Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Go Big. . .Or Go Home

This Easter my kids participated in three, yes, count them, three Easter Egg hunts. . .all before 1 pm. The first one was an accident. Every Saturday Garry takes the girls to Smiths for groceries. This Saturday he found out that they were having an Easter Egg hunt at 8:30 am. It was a really good set-up as the age groups were broken down by aisles and kids could get candy or coupons in little plastic eggs. Great time had by all!

Then we went to my sister's house for our annual Easter Egg Hunt. We have a tradition of talking to each other on the phone, determining how many eggs we will hide and how many pieces of candy we will have in our eggs and then my sister does whatever she wants. Annually we get upstaged. This year I thought that we agreed on preparing 80 eggs each. I went behind her back and actually did 110. Unfortunately, she came over the night before, saw my egg stash, promptly went shopping, and prepared 200 eggs. We had six kids participate in the hunt. It worked out to be over 50 eggs per kid. It's getting a little out of hand, but, hey, go big or go home.

We also went over to the retirement community where Garry's grandparents live. They had an Easter Egg hunt as well. It was really well done and the kids had fun!

And they had a TON of candy by the time it was all done. I am doing my part and trying to eat a chunk of it for them. Especially the chocolate chunk.