Friday, March 16, 2012

Well, I Tried. . .

Last night Utah held its caucuses. I've been looking forward to this night for awhile as I was determined that what happened to Senator Bennett would not happen to Senator Hatch. It's infuriating that 4000 people (state delegates) got together two years ago and determined that Senator Bennett did not even deserve a Primary. It was not right.

So I got a new Social Security card (Molly threw mine in the trash awhile ago), got a Utah's drivers license, registered to vote, attended State Delegate training. I did everything. . .but get elected.

In my precinct is the former Salt Lake County District Attorney. She is well known, and she beat me quite easily. She seems to be really nice and really smart and obviously capable, so I understood my defeat. And she supports Hatch, so it all worked out. All of the "undecided" people there voted for a guy named Ed Rock. He had a lot of support there from his community. Sigh.

I might try again. It's important to be involved. You cannot complain about the way things are unless you try to do something about it. Se, we'll give it another two years and see.

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