Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Could Take ALL Day

This year Macey's birthday seemed to be the event that would never end. Good thing that she was off track at school, because we had a lot to do in order to celebrate this amazing girl!!

She had a birthday party with family the Sunday after her birthday but a party with friends the Saturday after. We met at the movie theater. They have a big food court inside so we got the girls ice cream and pizza at the theater and then went and saw The Secret Life of Arietty. A movie based on The Borrowers. I think that it went really well because I did not have to clean my house and it was really contained. And it was different, so the girls were excited.
The day of her birthday we woke up, made a fancy coffee cake and hot cocoa, went to Kids Club at the gym to let her play with friends, went to Family Fun Center to let her play with even more friends, went to Barnes & Noble to let her pick out a book, came home and opened presents with Daddy and went to Red Robin for dinner and then I took her out for a mani-pedi. Like I said, good thing she did not have school that day as there was a whole lot of celebrating to cram in!
We love Macey! She is beautiful and smart and really nice! She seems to make friends wherever she goes, and she is a neighborhood favorite for play dates. She loves to dance and is her teacher's favorite because she listens and really tries at everything she does. If she would just put away the laundry without whining, she would be perfect!

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Stephanie said...

Such a sweetheart!