Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shopping. Cunningham Style.

Every week Garry takes the girls and heads off to the grocery story. They each get their own cart and are able to help their Daddy get the groceries. Notice that I wrote that he takes the girls. Braden is too little to go as yet as he cannot push his own cart. So we've been in training. If I can get Braden up and walking and able to push a cart, he can join the rest of the family. And I will have one hour completely to myself. It's going to be awesome.

My Dad loves watching the girls with their little grocery carts as they pile up food for the week. He thinks that it is great and will ask to go along when he is in town visiting. Which is fun. More power to my Dad because I love being left behind. In fact, I cannot wait for the day when I am left completely behind!


Tina said...

OH BOY, has that day come for me . . . and then you'll wish it all back!!!

So cute that Garry takes the girls out and has them use their own carts!

When we were in Utah, I loved seeing the young moms (sorry, not many dads!) and their kids out shopping, so refreshing! . . . . just don't see that too much here.

Stephanie said...

I always look forward to a little alone time. Especially alone time at the house. It just never happens!