Monday, March 19, 2012

Someone Should Say Something. . .

There was a time when it seemed as though I could not keep up with all of the blogs that were out there that I wanted to read. There were blog posts aplenty out there; always something to read. But I have found that blogs seem to be slowing down. Why write a few paragraphs when you can write just one line on Facebook?

I told my husband that it seemed people were vacating blogland, and he pointed out that my own blogging speed has been sub-par lately. He's right. I am on my work laptop a lot and when I finally get off I am too busy with other things (remember dishes and laundry, and, oh ya, kids?) that it is hard to jump on the family computer where Garry loads all of the pictures.

But, I thought I would write what I've learned this week. From my work laptop. So, sorry, no pictures.


Braden has finally started sleeping through the night, and I have learned that sleep truly does beget sleep. Not only is he sleeping better at night but he is napping better during the day. The trick? I turned off the monitor. Now I do not hear those late night fusses while he searches for his pacifier. I sleep right through them. And he does fine by himself. Everyone is happier. It only took a year!


If you ask me, I will freely admit that my house kicks my butt. There's so much to clean, and it's hard to want to do it because didn't I just do this, well, yesterday? I am living the longest Groundhog Day ever. So I decided to stop cleaning the living room until the end of the day. This room I would clean five, six times a day, I just let it be until the end of the day. And then I make the kids clean it up. It leaves me more time to tackle upstairs, which was always ignored. My living room looks like a tornado just hit, but, hey, I am happier!

Those are the lessons from the week!


Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

2 pretty great lessons for one week.

Erin said...

I read your blog! :-) I put so many more details on my blog than I put in FB. Granted, I don't post as often...

Tina said...

I never cleaned my living room until 15 minutes before I expected the hubby home . . . . . doesn't take long!

Also blogging . . . after 6 plus years of blogging, I'm thinking I've dumped all I can out of my brain onto those web pages!!!! Gotta wait for inspiration!

It is true though . . . I've got a lot of blogs on my list that have fizzled and died . . . so sad!

Stephanie said...

So true about blogland! And I'm with Tina. Things get cleaned around the house right before the hubby comes home. : )