Monday, October 17, 2011

Six Fabulous Months!

Baby Braden is now six months old! To celebrate, we let him go at a cupcake. He liked the frosting. A lot.

Braden has been a great joy. He loves his sisters. Emma can make him belly laugh. She's the only one with that skill. He likes Macey. He trusts Macey. She can hold him and he does not immediately freak out. Molly. Now, Molly he loves. And Molly he fears. But mostly loves. She gives out tough love sometimes.

Braden is my most content baby. He loves to be held. We have never had to take him out of Sacrament Meeting. And when I take him out during Sunday School or Relief Society it's usually just because he is babbling so loudly!

He has a lot of hair which I find I want to arrange into a ponytail -- old habits die hard. And he is tall! He's 90th percentile for length and only 40th for weight.

He is sitting pretty well now. But I doubt he will walk as fast as Emma and Molly did. He may be on the Macey-track.

He is my worst sleeper. On 'good' nights I still get up with him three times a night. Bad nights, well, I lose track after seven. Last night was a bad night and I stopped counting when I got up with him three times in one hour. I know I should let him cry it out, but I think it's because his ears cause him a lot of discomfort. After we see the ENT, we're going to have to renegotiate his sleeping habits.

We love our boy!

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You've NEVER had to take him out of church?????